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Block wall construction


Project: New light weight block wall house built in 2010 in Auckland



Light weight block wall construction

Background: Mr C chose light weight blocks for a new house built in Auckland for the benefits of good water tightness and heat insulation.  He wanted to install windows and doors without timber reveal liners because he would like to plaster both outside and inside on the blocks. There would be no benefit to have timber reveal liners. Standard aluminum windows and doors are not suitable.


The Solution: Mr C came to us for a solution. We proposed to rebate the blocks for window and door openings and install PVC-U windows and doors into the rebated blocks without having flanges and timber reveal liners.


PVC-U window without flanges and reveal liners

Mr C accepted our proposal. He chose our Premium Series PVC-U windows and doors for his peace of mind as the system is BRANZ appraised.


No window flanges on the outside, plaster to seal

Because there were no flanges and timber reveal liners, the windows and doors were more competitive in price with aluminium windows and doors. Mr C did not need to paint timber reveal liners which saved him some more money.


No timber reveal liners inside, finish with plaster

In 2011, Mr C chose our PVC-U windows and door for another house he built in Auckland.


If you use solid construction – concrete or light weight blocks, and you want to have no flanges and timber reveal liners to reduce the cost and to achieve the finish, we would recommend you to discuss window installation with your local council before placing order with us.