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Replace aluminum windows and doors


Project: Replace aluminum single glazed windows and doors in Maraetai, Auckland, 2005


Homerit PVC-U sliding and stack doors

Background: Mr and Mrs W bought a house in Maraetai with large single glazed aluminium windows and doors. The property has beautiful sea view to Waiheke Island. Mr and Mrs W knew the benefits of PVC-U double glazing. They also wanted big openings to decks and big glass to enjoy the great sea view.



Stack door to deck

The Solution: PVC-U double glazed sliding and stack doors with full height glass, tilt and turn windows were proposed for Mr and Mrs W. They accepted our proposal and quotation.



Maraetai sliding door and tilt and turn window


In addition to replacing aluminium windows and doors Mr and Mrs W also wanted to replace tiles on deck, lay new timber flooring and put in new glass balustrades. They had builders to do all of these.


After the builders installed the window and door frames into the building structure, we did onsite glazing for all the windows and doors.


The window and door replacements were done in 2005. Some of the photos were taken in 2006 after the builders finished other works.


Maraetai aluminium window and door replacement