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Residential new build


Project: New residential house built in 2007 in Tauranga


Homerit - New residential house

Background: Mr F came from the UK and knew the benefits of PVC-U windows and doors. He wanted to build an energy efficient house with large doors open to the garden. One of them is 6.6 meters wide with a fixed window at the top. He also wanted to have a cedar entry door with PVC-U double glazed side lights on top and beside the cedar entry door.


The solution: For the 6.6 meter wide big opening Mr F would like a 6 panel stack door with a fixed window at the top. PVC-U profiles are 5.75 meter long each. To make 6.6 meter wide stack door we would have to join two profiles together and weld steel reinforcement together which is achievable but would end up with visible joints. We proposed to Mr F to have 5.4m wide stack door with tilt and turn windows at each side of the stack door.


After wind load calculation we advised Mr F that the coupling system would not be strong enough for the 6.6 meter wide span and building structure had to be put in place between the stack door and the fixed window at the top. Our proposal was accepted by Mr F and his architect.


Homerit 6 panel stack doors

Coupling with timber door frame

For the entry door, the question was how we can join a cedar door with our windows to achieve nice finish, water tightness and strength. After a discussion with the cedar door manufacturer we proposed to join the cedar door with our windows using window coupling profile reinforced with 10mm thick solid steel bar. We asked the cedar door manufacture to make the cedar door frame 58mm thick – the same thickness as our window frame so the two can be coupled together.


PVC-U windows coupled with timber door

Homerit Premium Series tilt and turn windows, French doors, sliding doors and stack doors were chosen for this project.