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Door styles


Homerit offers different door opening options to meet your performance, functionality and style requirements.

  • Entrance door -Homerit PVC-U entrance doors are designed for security, safety and weather performance. They are fitted with high security multi-point hook locks. Homerit PVC-U entrance doors can be in full height glass or with vision rails in addition to solid “in-fill” panels. Find out more
  • French and hinged door – French doors and hinged doors can open inwards or outwards. Outward opening French door and hinged door can open a full 180 degrees without fouling on the exterior walls, allowing complete clear opening for easy indoor and outdoor flow. Find out more
  • Sliding and stack door – Sliding and stack doors are an ideal solution for adding light to a room while making the most of a limited space. Both Homerit Premium Series and Lifestyle Series have sliding and stack doors. Sliding doors provide half the frame width opening for access to deck and patio areas. Stack doors open to two thirds of its width and is the natural choice where wide opening is needed.  Find out more
  • Tilt and turn door – Homerit PVC-U tilt and turn door offers the unique feature of a dual function door. It’s a swing door, as well as a ventilation system with it’s tilt-in option. The all-around locking hardware provides unparalleled security and insulation values. Find out more
  • Bi-folding door – Large opening widths give an impression of breadth and roominess. Homerit PVC-U bi-folding door combines design variety with the highest level of functionality and thus creates generous access into the open air. Homerit Premium Series and Lifestyle Series bi-folding doors are characterized by their smooth operation, which is achieved by means of optimized bogie technology and guide rollers made in Germany that support sash weights of up to 80kg. Bi-folding doors with three to seven sashes can include one door opening independently. Find out more
  • Tilt and sliding door – Homerit Premium Series and Lifestyle Series tilt and sliding doors provide double weather seals for excellent weather protection and draft-proofing plus multi-point locking – about ten locking points around each door sash. These high-performance patio doors provide ventilation in the tilt position, with the door prevented from sliding and held in place by stay arms, even in storm conditions. Simply turning the handle, returns the sliding door to a parallel position where it is ready to slide open for ventilation or access.  Find out more