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Bi-folding door


Large opening widths give an impression of breadth and roominess. Homerit PVC-U bi-folding door combines design variety with the highest level of functionality and thus creates generous access into the open air.



Homerit Premium Series and Lifestyle Series bi-folding doors are characterized by their smooth operation, which is achieved by means of optimized bogie technology and guide rollers made in Germany that support sash weights of up to 80kg.


Bi-folding door to deck

Bi-folding doors with three to seven sashes can include one door opening independently.


Lifestyle Series bi-folding door, charcoal outside

PVC-U door sash profiles are about 100mm wide. Recommended bi-folding door panel width is 750mm to 900mm. When the door panel is less than 750mm the visible glass will be less than 550mm wide which may look out of portion comparing with about 200mm wide PVC-U profiles between two glasses. Recommended bi-folding door height is 2100mm to 2400mm.


Bi-folding door bottom frame is quite big and is recommended to be rebated into concrete slab etc. as shown in the following photo.



Bi-folding door bottom frame rebated to slab


Deck canĀ  be built just a little bit below the bottom of door panels so the deck is about level with the floor inside.



Deck level with floor inside