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Entrance door


Homerit PVC-U entrance doors are designed for security, safety and weather performance. They are fitted with high security multi-point hook locks.


Homerit PVC-U entrance doors can be in full height glass or with vision rails in addition to solid “in-fill” panels.


Following photos are a few designs that some of our customers chose for their homes.


Homerit Entrance Door - Charcoal

Homerit Entrance Door - Charcoal

Homerit Entance Door - White Panel

Homerit Entrance Door - White Panel

Homerit Entrance Door - In-fill Panels

Homerit Entrance Door - In-fill Panels

Homerit Entrance Door - Light Grey

Homerit Entrance Door - Light Grey


Timber entrance door:

Some customers would like timber entrance door but also want PVC-U side lights. Some suggested putting normal timber door panel into PVC-U frames. This is possible but not a good solution.


Rebated sash profile with Euro groove

The diagram at the right shows the section details of PVC-U door frame and sash profiles. Both the frame and sash are rebated. There is a U type groove – Euro groove on the sash which is designed for installing the multi-point locking hardware.


For normal timber door sash the multi-point locking hardware cannot be installed without Euro groove  and the door will not have double seals which may affect  air-tightness and water tightness.


A better solution is to make the timber door sash with rebate and Euro groove just like the PVC-U door sash profile.


Cedar door with Euro groove

The left photo shows a cedar door sash with Euro groove and Siegenia door hardware attached. A photo of this cedar door in a Light Grey ASA-PVC co-extruded frame is shown at the bottom left of this page.


This is the same as the timber doors fabricated in Germany. This is our recommended solution to fit timber door sashes into PVC-U frames.



Coupling with timber door frame

An alternative solution is to join complete timber door with PVC-U side lights.


As shown at the right Homerit Premium Series PVC-U frame profile is 58mm thick. Homerit Lifestyle Series ASA-PVC co-extruded frame profile is 60mm thick.


A photo of a timber French door coupled with Premium Series PVC-U side lights is shown as following on the right.


Cedar door sash with Euro groove

Timber door coupled with PVC-U side lights