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French and hinged door


French doors and hinged doors can open inwards or outwards.


Outward opening French doors and hinged doors can open a full 180 degrees without fouling on the exterior walls, allowing complete clear opening for easy indoor and outdoor flow.


Open outwards

Open inwards

PVC-U door frame profiles are bigger than typical aluminium door frame profiles. We would recommend making the door a little bigger to get good clear opening size. Clear opening width of above outwards opening door is about 650mm although the door is about 800mm wide reveal line to reveal liner inclusive.


Recommended French door width is 1600mm to 2000mm; hinged door width is 850mm to 1000mm. Recommended door height is 2050mm to 2200mm.


Homerit PVC-U French doors and hinged doors are fitted with multi-point locking mechanisms made in Germany – the best available in today’s market.


If the opening width is too big for hinged door but too small for French door, you can have hinged door with fixed side light or French door with one panel wider than the other as these doors below.


French door one panel wider

ASA-PVC French door

For French doors normally the right hand side panel viewed from the inside is the first to open as shown in the following photo. We can also make French doors which the left panel is the first to open.


French door - open out