Sliding and stack doors are an ideal solution for adding light to a room. Sliding doors provide half the frame width opening for access to deck and patio areas. Stack doors open to two thirds of its width.

Sliding doors come in two or four panel configurations and stack doors come in three or 6 panel configurations.

Awning windows can be incorporated into the non-sliding panel of the sliding or stack door.

Sliding and stack door sill can sit in line with floor and deck, for enhanced safety and streamlined design.

Sliding and stack doors are latched with a locking handle that operates a four point locking mechanism at the side.

Large size doors can be made and are easy to operate thanks to high quality, high loading capacity (150kg) rollers made in Germany.

For wide openings and large glass panels sliding and stack doors are the natural choice.


Standard sliding door corner drawing
Stack door corner drawing
Heavy duty sliding door corner drawing

Product Features >>

  • Fully compliant to technical specifications set forth in European standards, EN12608.
  • Multiple chamber system design enhances heat and sound insulation properties.
  • Galvanised steel reinforcement imparts optimum stability to the window system.
  • Different frames and sashes are available to cater for different size doors.
  • Comply with Clause B1 and Clause E2 of NZBC for a Very High wind zone.

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