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Tilt and turn door


Homerit PVC-U tilt and turn door offers the unique feature of a dual function door. It’s a swing door, as well as a ventilation system with its tilt-in option. The all-around locking hardware provides unparalleled security and insulation values.



Tilt & turn door to balcony - apartments in Auckland

By turning the door handle to the top position the sash is engaged in tilt mode, allowing the door to tilt inwards at the top to create cross ventilation without compromising security. By turning the handle to the horizontal position, the sash is engaged in turn mode. This allows the door to turn as in a normal inward opening side hung door. With the handle in the downward position the door sash is compressed against rubber gasket and the frame, leaving the unit completely sealed and locked in multiple points.


The tilt and turn door is a door and a window at the same time. This feature makes it an ideal solution for rooms with limited wall space. Tilt and turn door also offers an unblocked view when full height glass is fitted.


With tilt and turn door a room may not need other window(s) or need less window(s) which could be more cost effective than installing a door and a window.



Tilt & turn doors

Following diagram shows a sophisticated Siegenia multi point locking hardware for tilt and turn doors. Both Homerit Premium Series and Lifestyle Series tilt and turn doors are fitted with Siegenia ( www.siegenia.com ) or Roto ( www.roto.de ) hardware.


Siegenia tilt & turn door hardware

Tilt and turn hardware is designed to take the weight of double or triple glazing and is three dimensionally adjustable. It guarantees the water and air tightness of the door.