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Flanges and reveal liners


In Europe most buildings are constructed with solid blocks etc, but in New Zealand most buildings are timber structured with a lot of choices for cladding such as weather boards, brick veneer. It is not an easy job to install standard European PVC-U windows and doors in a timber structured building in New Zealand.


Homerit Standard – with flanges and jambliners:


Standard Homerit PVC-U windows and doors have flanges and jambliners pre-fitted. Installation and waterproofing are similar to typical New Zealand aluminum windows and doors which are designed for timber structured buildings.


Following photos show section details of standard Homerit Premium Series and Lifestyle Series PVC-U window corners with PVC-U flanges and timber jambliners.


Premium Series - Flange and Liner

Lifestyle Series - Flange and Liner

Standard jambliners are 18mm to 19mm thick H3.1 treated finger jointed pine. Depending on the cladding system the width of the jambliners may vary.



The width of jambliners in window schedule is calculated from the back of flange. For Premium Series, that is the same as the width of the actual timber. For Lifestyle Series, that is 10mm more than the width of the actual timber.


Standard installation for both Premium Series and Lifestyle Series is to fix through timber jambliners into building structure as shown below.


Homerit Standard Window Installation

We recommend rebating doors into slabs etc. There is flange but no jambliners at the bottom of doors unless specifically requested and specified in installation details. For details click rebate recommendation under “Project support” – “Installation guide”.


Solid construction – with flanges but no jambliners:


If the wall is solid construction such as precast concrete or light weight blocks РHebel or similar, your architect/designer, builder, local city council or yourself may want to have flanges and to rebate the wall for better waterproofing  between the window and the structure. Following drawing shows Head detail of window with flanges but no jamnliners.


Homerit windows with flange but no jambliners

Both the flange profiles for Homerit Premium Series and Lifestyle Series are designed for pre-fixing jambliners and covering the gap between window and cladding.


Because of no jambliners this option will cost less than standard windows and doors with jambliners.


Solid construction – without flanges:


In Europe PVC-U window frames are fixed directly to solid walls. There are no flanges or jambliners. The window manufacturing process is simpler and the cost is lower.


While walls do not have to be rebated for installing PVC-U windows your local council may not accept that. The following drawing is our recommended installation details with rebate.


Homerit window without flange and no jambliner

If you decide to have no flanges and no jambliners to reduce the cost and to achieve the finish that suits you, we recommend you to discuss window installation with your local council for approval before placing order with us.