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Lifestyle series


Homerit Lifestyle Series ASA-PVC co-extruded color profiles are imported from Zhongcai Profiles Co. (www.zhongcai.com) – the first Chinese PVC-U profile manufacturer to develop color ASA-PVC co-extruded window profiles.


ASA-PVC co-extruded profiles

Developed in the 1970’s, ASA is a ternary polymer which is composed by Acrylonitile, Styrene and Acrylate. It belongs to shock-resistance modified SAN resin. ASA is major products of GE Plastics which was subject to General Electric now SABIC Innovative Plastics, a world leader in providing plastic material solutions.


ASA was evolved from ABS, which is composed of Acrylonitile, Butadiene and Styrene. It preserves many excellent engineering plastics’ mechanical and physical properties of ABS. ASA products can not only resist degradation, ageing and color deterioration caused by the ultraviolet rays, but also reduce the decomposition or color changing caused by the high temperature during the oxidative manufacturing procedure in the atmosphere, and greatly promote the anti-aging and weatherproof performance of materials. According to the test results, the anti-aging performance of ASA is 10 times greater than ABS.


You can click here to read the case study published by SABIC Innovative Plastics about the successful development of ASA-PVC co-extruded window profile system. 



Zhongcai Profile Headquarters in Hangzhou China

ASA-PVC profiles are durable, UV and chemical resistant, cost-effective with eye catching color on the outside surface of the white PVC-U profiles. For more information about ASA resin visit website www.sabic-ip.com .


ASA color charts

Please note we only stock two colors – Light Gray (crystal gray) and Charcoal. Other colors may be stocked later.


The two colors have been registered in Resene ( www.resene.co.nz ) color database – named Homerit Light Gray and Homerit Charcoal respectively.


The Light Grey color is similar to Gull Grey – 91597128 or Smokey – 91597130 in Dulex Powder Coatings, Kawakawa Half in Dulex Color of NZ. Light reflectance is about 36%.


The Charcoal color is similar to Grey Friars – 91558711 in Dulex Powder Coatings, Piha in Dulex Color of NZ. Light reflectance is about 10%.



Homerit ASA Light Gray


Homerit ASA Charcoal