New electronic locking solution

5 Oct 2018 – This battery powered electronic cylinder can be installed into our PVC-U doors.

This cylinder can be operated by smartphone. It can also be operated with personal credit cards to lock and unlock the door.

The batteries in this cylinder are designed to last for 3 years. A helpful warning indicator on the phone app lets users know when the battery is getting low and therefore requires replacement.

This cylinder provides an audit trial, and is able to remember the last 1,000 entries/exits, saving it to its memory showing date/time/user and what function they used. Homeowners can then view this audit trial on their smartphones exported as an excel document. This means they can now track when their teenage children actually do get home!

The cylinders come with a three year warranty. The cylinders can either be used on new doors or retro fitted into existing doors that already have a mechanical Euro cylinder.

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