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Premium series

Homerit Premium Series PVC-U windows and doors are BRANZ appraised and made of VEKA profiles. With its large profile range it is flexible in design options.


VEKA has a worldwide reputation of producing quality products.


VEKA – The Quality Profile


For design options you can go to window styles and door styles .


The PVC-U profile color is white as in the following photo.


Premium Series - White Profile

The white PVC-U profile can be laminated with foil to get a wooden grain effect. Following photo is white PVC-U profile laminated with golden oak foil.


Premium Series - Golden Oak

Foil lamination on white PVC-U profiles is done in VEKA factory. Foils are manufactured by Renolit (www.renolit.de) in Germany.


Please note that foil laminated profiles are not stocked regularly. Availability and lead time has to be checked with us before placing order.


In addition to golden oak, dark oak and mahogany are also popular choices.


Dark Oak


For technical information about Homerit Premium Series PVC-U window system open or download <Homerit Premium Series PVC-U Windows and Doors Technical Remarks> .