Private pool house

6 May 2019: This is a private pool house project in a lifestyle property in Auckland.

There are four large window and door sets around the swimming pool. Each set is 7 meter wide by 2.7 meter high.

4 Sets 7m x 2.7m joinery units for a private pool house

Conroy Removals used their largest truck to deliver the joinery. Six people worked together to load the windows and doors into the truck from our factory.

6 person to load large joinery units into truck

The swimming pool water temperature is automatically controlled by a pump station. There is a electrical cover system which can cover the pool automatically to change the house for other activities.

Private pool house in Auckland

For best thermal insulation the joinery will be glazed with Metro Glass Excel Low E double glazing units. R value of the joinery is 0.78 – 3 times of standard double glazed aluminium windows with R value 0.26.

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