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Window styles


Homerit offers different window opening options to meet your performance, functionality and style requirements.

  • Tilt and turn window –Tilt and turn windows combine functionality with security. With a multi-point locking mechanism all functions are one-handed, one move operated. Tilted inwards on top for optimal, draft-free ventilation. This opening position is still secured against intruders. You can leave the windows tilted even in the rain. The outside air is channelled through the sides of the windows, while hotter air escapes through the top. This process allows efficient air circulation without the draft. Find out more
  • Awning window – Awning windows are the most popular window choice in New Zealand. Homerit Premium Series PVC-U awning windows are latched with a centrally positioned locking handle that operates a multi-point locking mechanism at the bottom. Lifestyle Series ASA-PVC co-extrusion awning windows are latched with single point handle or double point handles if the window is quite wide. Find out more
  • Casement window – Casement windows open outwards or inwards. A pair of casements can close over each other without a permanent central mullion. Both Premium Series and Lifestyle Series casement windows are latched with a centrally positioned locking handle that operates multi-point locking mechanism at the handle side. Find out more
  • Sliding and stack window – Sliding and stack windows are designed to put the outdoors at your fingertips. They are ideal for restricted spaces, above kitchen benches for example. Standard sliding windows have 2 tracks. You can have 2, 3 or 4 panels. Clear opening is about half of the whole window. Stack windows have 3 tracks. You can have 3 or 6 panels. Clear opening is two thirds of the whole window. Find out more
  • Bi-folding window –Bi-folding window can create a particularly large opening. Homerit PVC-U bi-folding windows can be either inward opening or outward opening. Bi-folding windows with three to seven sashes can include one window opening independently. Find out more
  • Bay window – Box windows that have sides at 90° to the wall or bay windows that have sides set at 135°, 120° or any other angle to the wall can add character and interest to your home and are great for maximising light and space. Find out more
  • Raked window –Raked windows are available in both Homerit Premium Series and Lifestyle Series. Close attention shall be paid to waterproofing details for raked window to make sure it will be watertight. Flashing may be more difficult to apply and needs to be done correctly. Find out more