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Bay window


Box windows that have sides at 90° to the wall or bay windows that have sides set at 135°, 120° or any other angle to the wall can add character and interest to your home and are great for maximising light and space.



French door and side windows at 135°

Both Homerit Premium Series and Lifestyle Series have box and bay windows. It is important to get both size and angle right so the windows can fit into the structure perfectly.


Bay window any angle coupling

ASA-PVC corner window

While there is steel reinforcement inside the coupling profiles at the corners, box and bay windows shall not be used as building structure to support roof for example. There should be building structure below and above the windows.



Glass butt joined at corner

It is possible to make box and bay windows without profiles at the corners. Above photo is one example.


Glass is butt joined at the corner. This only works for single glazing not for double or triple glazing because sealing on the edges for double or triple glazing will be exposed without profiles at the corners.