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Solid construction


Precast or light weight block walls are typical constructions in Europe and a lot of other countries. Standard European PVC-U windows and doors do not have flanges and jambliners. Long sleeved anchor bolts, passing through the profile and into the structure, are used for fixing PVC-U windows and doors into building structure.


For Homerit PVC-U windows and doors you have three installation options. (1) have flanges and jambliners – this option suits GIB board inside. (2) have flanges but no jambliners – this is lower cost option and good for water tightness. (3) have no flange and no jambliners – this is lowest cost option and we recommend you to discuss with your local council for acceptance before purchasing the windows and doors.


For installation details of each option you can click the figure to open/download the PDF file.


Homerit Premium Series:


Homerit Lifestyle Series:

  • Precast concrete panel – Fig 3.11
  • Block wall with flange no liner – Fig 3.12
  • Block wall no flange no liner – Fig 3.13