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Placing order


Before placing orders with us we would recommend you to check all details in our quotation and make sure everything is to your satisfaction.


Premium Series or Lifestyle Series: We may have quoted Premium Series and Lifestyle Series windows and doors for you. It is your decision which one you choose for your project.


Flanges and liners: Our standard windows and doors have flanges and liners pre-fitted. For some structure types and cladding systems you may not need flanges and liners, or you only need flanges but not liners. Check with your architect, your builder or us for installation details.


Factory glazing or site glazing: Big double glazed windows and doors are very heavy. While it is possible to have all windows and doors glazed in factory, delivery and installation can be very difficult when glazed. We normally arrange glass to be delivered to site from our glass supplier for site glazing. Unless stated otherwise in our quotation, site glazing is not included in our standard quotation. If you would prefer factory glazing or site glazing by us please request for that.


Installation material: Installation material is not included in our standard quotation. For aluminium windows you may need sill support, for our windows you do not need that because our windows are well supported by the jambliners underneath the window frames. For some cladding systems such as weatherboards you may need head flashing. Please request for head lashing if you need and want to buy from us. For some installation you may also need sill flashing as well. Check with your architect and/or builder first.


Delivery: Some of our customers arrange pickup themselves. In Auckland we may deliver to your site by ourselves. For most projects windows and doors are delivered by furniture movers arranged by us, our agents or our customers. Please discuss with us about delivery arrangement. In all cases if there are heavy windows and doors you need to have more people on site to help unloading.


Window replacement: For window replacement if you are in Auckland we can come to visit and discuss with you about new window designs, removing existing windows and installing new windows. Or you can contact our agents in your local area. We can also work with your builder for your window replacements. The scope of our work can vary from onsite glazing only to full installation except painting new architrave and scribes.  Discuss with us  about what you want us to do and what you or your builder may do.