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We choose high quality, high cost materials for fabricating our windows and doors. At the same time we want to offer our customers high quality products at an affordable price. Homerit has continually invested in machinery, tooling and production management systems to improve production efficiency to reduce production cost.


Homerit Lifestyle Series ASA-PVC color windows and doors are generally competitive with thermally unbroken aluminium windows and doors. Homerit Premium Series PVC-U white windows and doors are generally competitive with thermally broken aluminium windows and doors.


Some design alterations can make big differences in price. For example bi-folding doors are expensive because of the high cost of the bi-folding door hardware. Stack doors can be a lot cheaper.


We are always here to discuss with our customers so the right windows and doors are chosen to meet their quality, functionality and budget requirements.


Cost of windows and doors do not just end up at purchasing. There are also installation costs and maintenance costs.


Installation cost: Cost of installation of our windows and doors is relatively low because our windows and doors have flanges and jambliners pre-fitted similar to aluminium windows and doors. Some PVC-U windows in the market do not have flanges and jambliners which will end up with higher installation, water tightness and finishing cost.


Alumininum double glazed windows need sill support angle for deeper claddings to transfer the weight of the window back to the frame because there is no support underneath the aluminum window frames. Homerit PVC-U windows have jambliners sit underneath the frames to fully support the window frame therefore there is no need of sill support angle. This can save both labour and material costs.


Maintenance cost: Homeirt PVC-U windows and doors will keep the shining and bright look for a very long time. They will not discolour, rot, corrode or chop even at seafront. Timber windows require repainting to keep them from rotting. Some aluminium windows fade. Aluminium frames may also corrode in salty environments.


Taking into account the energy savings because of superior insulation of Homerit PVC-U windows and doors it makes more sense when you comparing the costs over a long term. An industry study compiled in Germany by AgPU (PVC industry organisation in Germany) has shown that total investment and maintenance costs including energy cost for hardwood systems over a 25 year period were 23% more than PVC-U, and aluminium systems were 57% more expensive.