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Easy to install

PVC-U windows and doors have been used in Europe since the 1960s. But there is a big difference in terms of window installation between Europe and New Zealand. In Europe most buildings are constructed with solid blocks, but in New Zealand most buildings are timber structured with a lot of choices for cladding such as weather boards or brick veneer.


It is not an easy job to install standard European PVC-U windows and doors in a timber structured building in New Zealand.


With flange & jambliner

Patented design:

Working with our suppliers in designing new dies for special profiles, Homerit PVC-U windows and doors can have flanges and jambliners similar to typical aluminium windows and doors. Installation of Homerit windows and doors can thus be done by competent builders and no special skill or training is required.


In actual fact, the assembling of Homerit PVC-U windows and doors is better than typical aluminum windows because the heavy weight of double glazed window is well supported by the jambliners fixed to the bottom of PVC-U window frame profiles.


A patent has been granted to us for the “Method and assembly for installing a window or door” by Intellectual Property Office of New Zealand.


Homeirt patent cetificate

Click here for a copy of the patent certificate.


Easy to glaze:


Unlike aluminum glazing beads that is hard to bend, PVC-U window glazing beads are easier to be fitted.


When carrying out on-site glazing it is possible to glaze all Homerit PVC-U windows and doors from the inside by appropriate window style design. No scaffolding is needed for window installation and glazing for multi-storey buildings.


Homerit carried out the whole window replacement project for Mercure Windsor Hotel at 48 Queens St in Auckland CBD without scaffolding which saved hundreds of thousands of dollars.




Depending on the construction there are different options for Homerit window installation. In addition to the standard installation with flanges and jambliners pre-fitted there are other options:

  • Direct fix without flange, no jambliner – This suits solid wall construction such as pre-cast panels or block wall. This is the most cost effective choice for window fabrication and is widely used in Europe and other countries.
  • Direct fix - with flange, no jambliner

    Direct fix with flange, no jambliner – This suits solid wall construction and/or steel construction. When city council prefers flange for coverage to the wall or structure and you do not want jambliners this is the solution.


    The right hand photo shows a steel framed construction of over 4 meters high. Homerit PVC-U windows and doors frames are fixed directly to the steel structure and the PVC-U flanges cover part of the steel and the gap between the steel and the PVC-U frames.

    Replacement - keep timber window frame


  • Replacing timber window sash with Homerit PVC-U windows – For replacing timber windows if the existing timber window frames are in good condition you may not need to replace the whole timber windows which will be quite costly. This solution is to remove the timber window sashes only and put in place double glazed Homerit PVC-U windows. The right hand photos shows a new PVC-U window installed into original timber window frame.


    Without the need to replacing the timber window frames out thus no work on weather  boards, architraves and/or GIB boards this is low cost comparing with replacing timber window frames.


    Renovation frame - original steel window frames kept

  • Window renovation frame – In Homerit Premium Series there is a window renovation frame designed for replacing windows. This renovation frame allows the old window frames to be kept and the new frames will cover the old frames up. This makes the renovation work a lot easier.


    Mecurer Windsor Hotel in Auckland CBD had steel framed windows. The steel window frames were partly inside the concrete wall.


    The renovation frames were used for the new double glazed PVC-U windows so the original steel frames were kept and covered up by the new renovation PVC-U window frames.


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