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Happy customers


Following comments represent feelings from our thrilled customers:


Homerit PVCu windows and doors are fantastic products with huge application potential in New Zealand. The profile is substantial, they are low maintenance and flexible in their configuration. The acoustic and thermal benefits of the double glazing are enormous.


I chose them for my own home and am delighted with the results.


Neil McLachlan – celebrity designer.

My house has been fitted with PVC joinery from Homerit this year. It was a extensive project in which all wooden joinery was replaced with double glazed PVC joinery in the existing house and PVC joinery in the new addition consisting of large sliding doors and various size of door and windows.


I choose PVC double glazed joinery over double glazed aluminium joinery for its superior structural properties as well as its premier locking system. The functionality of its easy operation and the fact that the windows can be tilted to the inside as well as completely opened to the inside outperform aluminum joinery by far.


The sliding mechanism of the doors is state of the arts – they just glide.


There are no signs of condensation on the frames or windows creating a comfortable warm climate inside the house that is immediately recognized by anyone who comes in.


The aesthetics of the joinery adds on expensive look to the house and again outperforms aluminum joinery.


Dealing with Homerit as company was a pleasant experience. The representative did his utmost to accommodate my wishes in terms of design solutions and installation issues. There was good communication and I believe the result speaks for itself.


I recommend the product and the company and wish them every success in the future.


Birgit Burkinshaw

My wife and I immigrated to New Zealand from the UK in February 2005 and bought a property in Bucklands Beach. The house was built in 1978 and still had its original timber framed single glazed windows. This meant that we had all the normal condensation problems and draughts associated with these windows.


We obtained quotations from different companies to replace the twelve windows with the normal single glazed aluminum frame units; these quotes varied from 7500 to 16000 dollars.


I decided to visit some of the companies to look at their products and was very surprised to walk into Homerit’s premises to see a large display of PVC double-glazing. We decided to obtain a quote from Homerit immediately as we had double glazing in the UK and knew its advantages. We were pleasantly surprised at how competitive their quote as, considering the superiority of their products.


Having now had the PVC double glazing fitted, which was done efficiently and at our convenience, our condensation problems have completely disappeared.


The house is quieter, more secure due to the multiple latching system, noticeably warmer even with no heating running and will be cooler in the summer. We don’t have to worry about the frames, as they need negligible maintenance apart from an occasional clean.


All things considered we would have no hesitation in recommending Homerit as a company of integrity and ethical values who are offering a superior product at a very competitive price. We will definitely be using their services again for quality joinery replacement.


Paul & Jacqueline Cartwright


Having lived in the UK for 15 years we were adamant we wanted PVC windows and doors so we didn’t have condensation and for their much better (than aluminium) insulation properties. We searched locally but didn’t find what we were looking for in terms of competitive pricing or flexibility (windows could open in or out!), so contacted 3-4 companies around New Zealand of which Homerit was one. Homerit was certainly the most competitive on price and were very quick to respond to all my questions (there were many) and with quotations (there were a number of these as we changed our minds too!). Furthermore they were also willing to listen to our specific requirements and be flexible when required.


Through this process Homerit also put us in touch with one of their clients in Christchurch (Andrew) who, during the course of our new house build, become the local reseller for Homerit and our contact through the final contract and installation stages. Andrew was excellent to deal with and his attention to detail was fantastic. Andrew was also on hand to ensure the installation went smoothly and to handle the fine tuning of the windows and doors once installed. There was one frame damaged in transit from AKL to CHC, but this was quickly replaced by Homerit without any problems.


I’m pleased to say we’ve got no condensation and on cold frosty Canterbury mornings you can really tell the difference when standing next to a door or window (don’t get the coldness emanating from the frame). They look and feel great too – solid and ‘chunky’ and very secure with the multiple point locking system (good German engineering) on the doors and windows. We put colonial bars on the top section of our windows and on the doors – this was no problem for Homerit to handle.


I’ve got no hesitation in recommending Homerit to anyone, as well as a very good product and very good service their prices are definitely competitive.


Craig Gray


Our company had chosen the Homerit PVC-U windows & doors for our multi-storey apartment project in Newmarket.


The windows and doors were glazed with double layer toughened glass and Low E coating for security and better thermal insulation.


We are happy with Homerit products and their service, and will use their products for our future housing developments.



I Judy wanted to let you know that we are very happy with our PVC sliding door. It looks really great and the installation was done professionally as well.




We chose Homerit PVC-U windows and doors because we had first hand experienced of the benefits of similar products which we have installed in our apartment in Prague where retaining heat in a building is critical in winter.


The product Homerit installed in our residence exceeded our expectations.  Not only is heat retention evident (which transfers to our winter electricity account) the product is a significant noise inhibitor.


Last but not least, the consideration Homerit team extended to us as we planned, changed our minds, ordered, cancelled and re-ordered product, made the entire process of window and door installation the easiest part of our substantial renovation.


R. M. & M.K.


Homerit PVC-U Windows and Doors, is offering a technical solution which is handling all
important issues of a professional window and door solution in building design.


The product is BRANZ approved and has been developed for the New Zealand climate. This approval will give the end user peace of mind and a safety network to fall back on to, if
issues would arise.


PVC-U Windows and Doors have a long history in Europe and have been used as a standard product in most building applications either residential or commercial.
As an architectural designer and adviser for my clients I have a professional obligation to raise the awareness during the product selection process. A process which is often riddled with many hurdles and often more confusing than clarifying.


With the selection of Homerit PVC-U Windows and Doors though this issue is not there
because its superiority and simplicity in design is so convincing that it should become a ‘must have’ selection in all New Zealand building scopes.


Most important though is that the selection of PVC-U Windows and Doors is a holistic approach as its selection essentially will save all the costly maintenance and time that the client will spend in renovating and repairing having made the wrong selection in the first place. It’s a selection which will cost future generations as it all will have an impact on our already heavy loaded environment.


My experience has shown that a selection of a high quality product will essentially be a very good investment which will satisfy clients for a long time and essentially that is the most important thing.


Andy Holler – Architectural Designer & Project Manager


We were forced to change our doors due to sun damage over 20 years, when we were looking, Homerit agent – Thermal spec had started in Cromwell. PVC is a fantastic option, working with the company we found the best option for the location and colour matched the doors. From a distance you could not tell that they are not expensive cedar doors. I recommend PVC as they are low maintenance, clean easily and have smooth actions.


Glen Christiansen – General Manager Golden Gate Lodge – Cromwell

We are very pleased with the Homerit PVC joinery which is a superior product in many respects compared with common alternatives. Substantial in appearance and well constructed, good quality multipoint locking mechanisms, well insulated frames giving no condensation issues compared to most metal-framed joinery, and generally looking very attractive.


Jeanette and Jim McQuillan


After years of planning for my new sea front bach on the West Coast of the South Island I had reservations on using standard Aluminium joinery in this harsh environment. After talking to several joinery companies, they were all wary on warranties and were honest in saying that the Aluminium joinery would not last long in those severe conditions, one company said that they wouldn’t even quote my job and I should find an alternative as aluminium would disintegrate in the coastal climate, so I did!


I found Thermalspec – Homerit agent and their German VEKA PVC Windows and Doors by doing my research on products which wouldn’t require maintenance or rust etc. I hadn’t heard of PVC windows before that time but since finding them I’ve learnt that overseas that’s all that people use and I understand why now that I’ve looked into them. I have also learned that aluminium has been largely phased out as a building material overseas, it appears that New Zealand has a wee bit of catching up to do!


PVC was the perfect answer, the quality of the joinery and its components are of standards we don’t see in New Zealand. Its great looking, long lasting and low maintenance properties are perfect for my situation. I was so impressed with the PVC Joinery I had to find a PVC weatherboard system so the cladding will last as long as my Windows and Doors! The end result looks absolutely fantastic and I have a completely weather and future proofed bach.


The comments I receive from my visitors reassures me I have made a great choice in my PVC window and doors and I’d highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for an alternative to aluminium or any other window material and would be happy to send pictures of my finished house to them to see how it looks.


Nic Taylor