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High performance


In New Zealand, our window performance standard tests and rates windows and doors to “Wind Zones” – low, medium, high and very high – against strength, water-tightness and airtightness. In America to help consumers compare the performance of windows and doors there are test procedures that test and label insulation, air-leakage and condensation resistance ratings for windows. In Europe there is PVC-U window profile testing and rating standard against durability.


All above performance criteria should be investigated. Because of low heat transmission PVC-U windows and doors are better in insulation and condensation resistance compared to aluminium windows and doors. For more information visit why PVC-U windows .

  • Durability – PVC-U profile durability is most important because of the high UV light in New Zealand. Both Homerit Premium Series white profile and Lifestyle Series ASA-PVC co-extruded color profiles are high UV stable and durable in high UV conditions. Double glazing or triple glazing units from Metro Glass meet EN1279 requirements that means the sealing is durable.
  • Strength – At Homerit, strength is well addressed by design. We make sure that our windows and doors are reinforced to the right strength, according to the size and wind loading.Homerit Premium Series PVC-U windows and doors were tested to very high wind zone strength requirements. Homerit Lifestyle Series ASA-PVC co-extruded color windows and doors are also reinforced to meet the strength requirement for the site wind loading.
  • Water-tightness – Aluminium window corners are glued and screwed together and may leak while PVC-U window corners are fusion welded which will not leak at the corners.double rubber sealsThanks to good design, quality double rubber seals, quality hardware and good workmanship, Homerit Premium series windows and doors meet the water tightness requirements of NZS4211 up to and including “very high” wind zone.
  • Air-tightness – Homerit PVC-U windows and doors have double seals for better air-tightness.With multi point locking hardware air leakage ratings for Homerit windows and doors can reach level 2 (highest air-tightness rating in NZS4211), which means they are suitable for use in air-conditioned buildings.It is important to install and glaze correctly especially sliding windows and doors. Incorrect installation or glazing may affect airtightness.
  • Specific design – Homerit PVC-U windows and doors can meet specific design requirements where wind speeds are extremely high. Homerit PVC-U tilt and turn windows made of VEKA profile system and German hardware system were tested to 2500pa wind pressure for strength – equivalent to wind speed of 225km per hour, 700pa wind pressure for watertightness – equivalent to wind speed of 120km per hour. We can work with your engineer or facade designer to find out the best solution for your specific design project.