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Large product range


Awning windows, sliding windows, stacker windows, tilt and turn windows, bay windows, raked windows, French doors, sliding doors, stacker doors, tilt and turn doors, tilt and sliding doors, bi-folding doors, sliding or stacker doors with windows, you name it Homerit has it. Traditional white PVC-U windows, wooden grain looking foil laminated windows, cost effective ASA-PVC co-extruded color windows, Homerit has the largest range of PVC-U window systems for both residential and commerical buildings.


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Following photos are some Homerit PVC-U windows and doors installed in New Zealand.


ASA Light Grey Awning window

Light Grey Awning Window & French door

Premium Series White Awning Windows

Casement Windows

Charcoal Door with Door Panel

Stack Doors

Tilt and Sliding Door

2.4m High 5 Panel Bi-folding Door

Sliding Window

Apartments with Tilt & Turn Windows

Heavy Duty Ranch Slider

Golden Oak Foil Laminated French Door

Architectural Design, 2.7m High Doors