I know the benefits

of PVC-U windows.

Low maintenance


Unlike timber framed windows and doors that require regular maintenance PVC-U framed windows and doors need little maintenance. Homerit PVC-U windows and doors will keep the shining and bright look for very long time.

PVC-U windows are not affected by the weather or air pollution. Salt air, acid rain, industrial pollution, pesticides, lawn fertilizers, smog and other air contaminant’s that are normal to everyday living cause no discoloration or structural damage to PVC-U windows. PVC-U windows and doors won’t rot, chip, peel or flake.  PVC-U windows and doors won’t warp or fade, so your windows will always operate properly and retain their good looks.


Rotten timber window

Timber windows absorb moisture. This leads to possible rotting and warping, resulting in air and water infiltration. Timber windows require regular repainting to keep from rot.

Aluminum won’t rust, but it will corrode. Even painted aluminum surfaces will nick and scratch from constant external weathering or daily internal operation. Corrosion can cause discoloration of the window surface and eventually window failure. Aluminum also experiences electromechanical effects from many different sources that are found in everyday living. Lawn fertilizers, salt air and industrial pollution can cause an aluminum window system to become unsightly and undependable. Also, because of its inherent thermal conduction properties, aluminum windows can cause a condensation build-up in the interior of the home. If unchecked, this condensation can run off the window surface causing damage to interior fabrics, wallpaper, and wood surfaces.

Infrared photo shows leak from aluminum window

Aluminum windows use mechanical fasteners to connect the different parts of a window or door. Usually three or more sheet metal screws are used to create a structurally sound joint. Even if the screws are stainless steel, galvanic reaction with the aluminum frames and sashes may lead to the degradation of both the screws and the aluminum window system and could eventually cause failure at the corners. Such failure may cause water leakage to building strucuture at aluminum window corners.