Entrance door

Homerit PVC-U entrance doors are designed for security, safety and weather performance. They are fitted with high security multi-point locking hardware.

White PVC-U Entrance Door:

PVC-U entrance doors can be in full height glass or with vision rails in addition to solid “in-fill” panels.

Entrance door with in-fill PVC-U panels

Golden Oak foil laminated PVC-U Entrance Door:

Golden Oak foil laminated entrance door is also a popular choice.

Golden Oak foil laminated entrance door

Fiberglass entry door panel fitted in PVC-U frame:

Parkwood fiberglass entry door panels can be fitted into Homerit PVC-U frames.

Parkwood fibreglass entry door panel

A wide range of style options are available. For more details visit Parkwood Fibreglass Entry Doors .

You can also paint the door panel with your own choice of color. The following photo shows an unpainted door that has not yet been installed.

Parkwood fiberglass entry door panel, unpainted

Digital lock for entry door:

Digital locks can be fitted into all of our entrance doors – PVC-U and  fiberglass. You will get both convenience of the digital lock and better sealing & security of the multi-point locking hardware system.

Entrance Door fitted with digital lock


Entrance door corner drawing

Product Features >>

  • Fully compliant with technical specifications set forth in European standards, EN12608.
  • Multiple chamber system design enhances heat and sound insulation properties.
  • Galvanized steel reinforcement imparts optimum stability to the window system.
  • Compliant with Clause B1 and Clause E2 of NZBC for an Extra High wind zone.

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