Bay window

Box windows that have sides at 90° to the wall or bay windows that have sides set at 120°, 135° or any other angle to the wall can add character and interest to your home and are great for maximizing light and space.

The next photo shows a bay window with round couplings which can join windows at any angle.

While there is steel reinforcement inside the PVC-U frames at the corners, box and bay windows should not be used as building structural support roof for example to support the roof.

It is possible to make box windows without the PVC-U frame at the corner. Glass can be butt joined at the corner.

For single glazing the glass can be sealed by clear silicone at the corner for a better view but for double glazing the black sealing at the edge of the double glazing units is visible.

Product Features >>

  • Fully compliant with technical specifications set forth in European standards, EN12608.
  • Multiple chamber system design enhances heat and sound insulation properties.
  • Galvanised steel reinforcement imparts optimum stability to the window system.
  • Compliant with Clause B1 and Clause E2 of NZBC for an Extra High wind zone.

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