A pair of casements can close over each other without a permanent central mullion. Permanent mullion is possible if preferred.

Casement windows are latched with a centrally positioned locking handle that operates a multi-point locking mechanism at the handle side.

Inward opening casement window sashes are hinged at the side. Outward opening casement window sashes have friction stays at the top and bottom. Safety stays are not usually fitted because with safety stays casement windows would only open less than 100mm.

Casement windows without safety stays shall not be used if there is risk of safety from falling.


Normal inward opening window corner drawing
Normal outward open window corner drawing

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  • Fully compliant with technical specifications set forth in European standards, EN12608.
  • Multiple chamber system design enhances heat and sound insulation properties.
  • Galvanised steel reinforcement imparts optimum stability to the window system.
  • Two different sashes are available to cater for normal and large sized windows.
  • Compliant with Clause B1 and Clause E2 of NZBC for an Extra High wind zone.

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