BRANZ appraised

Due to differing weather conditions, performance standards, style options and building structures, European PVC-U window systems may not work in New Zealand.

  • Durability – New Zealand has high UV light compared with most places in Europe. Low UV stable PVC-U profiles may discolor and become brittle in several years’ time.
  • Performance – While New Zealand window performance standards are comparable to European standards, Kiwis build houses in big sections with large-sized windows and doors, which means big challenges in meeting performance requirements.
  • Water-tightness – Houses in Europe are constructed differently. It is very difficult to install typical European PVC-U windows and/or doors into timber structured buildings in New Zealand and achieve water-tightness in a cost effective way.

In Nov 2004 Homerit started to work with BRANZ ( ) to address all of the  above as well as  other relevant issues.

Homerit Premium Series PVC-U windows and doors were appraised by BRANZ in Feb 2007 after more than 2 years of testing and examinations. Click here for a full copy of BRANZ appraisal certificate and technical literature.


Homerit BRANZ Appraisal 2022

Homerit Premium Series PVC-U windows and doors were appraised for use in both residential and commercial buildings situated in wind zones up to and including “very high”.

For “extra high” wind zones there are some design limitations.  Contact us for more details if your building project is in an “extra high” wind zone.

Homerit BRANZ Appraisal 2007

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