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Windows and doors play an important role for thermal insulation of a building. With well-targeted measures you can exploit great energy saving potential. Due to the characteristics of PVC-U, Homerit PVC-U windows & doors have excellent thermal insulation properties. The material itself has lower conductivity than  metal frames and  the multi-chamber system gives Homerit PVC-U windows & doors further insulation ability.

PVC-U windows are used in 80% of the world, and have been used for more than 50 years. PVC-U is much more energy efficient than aluminium. At 25°C aluminum thermal conductivity is 205 w/mk while PVC thermal conductivity is only 0.19 w/mk.

In a letter to BUILD magazine published in 2006, Ken Miller – former President of the UK Federation of Master Builders wrote:  “After all, the Europeans have been building far longer than us and it’s about time we took a leaf out of their book. … Otherwise New Zealand will continue to build shoddy, leaking, damp and inefficient homes for years to come.” To download a full copy of his letter, click here < Look to other countries to build wisely>.


Homerit PVC-U windows and doors are fitted with double glazing units from Metro Glass ( . In addition to standard double glazing we provide  three types of Low E double glazing – Plus Low E, Max Low E and Xcel Low E. Low E coating can further improve thermal insulation. 75% of our customers choose Low E double glazing.

Homerit PVC-U windows are doors have high energy efficiency ratings.  Window Energy Efficiency Rating System (WEERS) is an official 6-star system used for comparing the energy efficiency  of windows and doors.  PVC/Timber framed windows tend to obtain higher ratings than aluminum framed windows. Obtaining a maximum 6 energy star rating requires a thermal insulation R value of 0.55 or higher.

The R value of Homerit PVC-U windows and doors vary from 0.38 to 0.82 depending on the type of Low E glass and the design. Homerit PVC-U standard double glazed windows are rated 4 energy stars out of 6 under WEERS. Homerit PVC-U windows with Plus Low E double glazing are rated 5 and half energy stars out of 6. Homerit PVC-U windows with Max or Xcel Low E double glazing are rated the maximum 6 energy stars.

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