Superior quality

All Homerit window and door types have been tested to “Very High” or higher wind zone performance requirements of New Zealand Standards NZS4211.

High quality materials:

PVC-U profiles:

Homerit Premium Series PVC-U profiles are imported from VEKA Shanghai, China. VEKA has a worldwide reputation for producing quality products.

Homerit PVC-U window and door profiles are formulated for high UV weather conditions and have an expected service life of over 40 years in New Zealand. In addition to history of use in similar weather conditions,

Windows in the following photo were installed in Pakuranga in 2005. The photo was taken on 21 Jul 2018. Thirteen years after installation Homerit PVC-U windows still look as good as new.

Windows look as good as new 13 years after installation


Homerit Premium Series PVC-U windows and doors are fitted with Siegenia hardware made in Germany. Siegenia hardware was tested to corrosion resistant Grade 4 (very high) of EN1670.

Siegenia hardware – middle hinge for door

Homerit PVC-U windows and doors are fitted with multi-point locking hardware where possible.

Siegenia multi-point locking hardware for window sash


Reduced condensation:

One benefit of the non-conductivity of PVC-U profiles is reduced condensation.

Condensation occurs when humid air is cooled below its dew point. In very humid conditions condensation might even be found on warm surfaces.

Aluminum is a poor thermal insulator compared to PVC-U. When outside temperature drops, the inside surface temperature of aluminum window frames drops under the dew point and this causes condensation.

Condensation on aluminum window

One the other hand, PVC-U is a very good heat insulator. When outside temperatures are low, the PVC-U window frames can still be warm inside. This can dramatically reduce the possibility of condensation on window frames.

Dew point chart

The chart above shows that when the room temperature is 20°C the aluminum window surface temperature is 5°C, relative humidity has to be lower than 30% to avoid condensation. On the other hand, at the same room temperature, if the PVC-U window frame surface temperature is 15°C, there will be no condensation until relative humidity passes 70%.

Nevertheless, condensation can still form on the double glazing. To prevent condensation on the double glazing, either warm the window surface or dry the air inside. Raising the room temperature can warm the window. To reduce the relative humidity in the room, control or eliminate moisture sources.


Since 2004 we have replaced aluminium windows for thousands of customers. We often found that the timber building frames under the original aluminium windows were rotten.

Aluminium windows are mechanically joined at corners. These joints can become loose because of the building structure changing and/or temperatures changing over time. This can allow water to get into the building structure.

PVC-U windows are fusion welded at corners. There is no gap for any water to ge into the building structure.

Fusion welded corner

Low maintenance: 

Unlike timber framed windows and doors that require regular maintenance PVC-U framed windows and doors need little maintenance. Homerit PVC-U windows and doors will keep their shining bright look for very long time.

PVC-U windows are not affected by the weather or by air pollution. Salt air, acid rain, industrial pollution, pesticides, lawn fertilizers, smog and other everyday air contaminants cause no discoloration or structural damage to PVC-U windows. PVC-U windows and doors won’t rot, chip, peel or flake.

A rotten timber window

Timber windows absorb moisture. This leads to possible rotting and warping, resulting in air and water infiltration. Timber windows require regular repainting to keep from rotting.

Aluminum won’t rust, but it may corrode. Additionally, aluminum windows can cause a condensation build-up in the interior of the home. If unchecked, this condensation can run off the window surface causing damage to interior fabrics, wallpaper, and wood surfaces.

Infrared photo of a leaking aluminium window

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