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Homrit offers both Premium Series and Lifestyle Series PVC-U windows and doors.

  • Premium Series – Homerit Premium Series PVC-U windows and doors are BRANZ appraised and made of VEKA profiles. With its large profile range it is flexible in design options.  Find out more
  • Lifestyle Series – Homerit Lifestyle Series ASA-PVC co-extruded windows and doors are made of color ASA-PVC co-extruded profile from Zhongcai in China. With color ASA on the outside of white PVC-U profiles, you can have PVC-U windows and doors with eye catching color on the outside, white on the inside. Find out more

Flanges and liners – It is not a easy job to install standard European PVC-U windows and doors in a timber structured building in New Zealand because of different wall construction.


Worked with our suppliers in designing new dies for special profiles, Homerit PVC-U windows and doors can have flanges and jambliners similar to typical aluminium windows and doors. Installation of Homerit PVC-U windows and doors can thus be done by competent builders and no special skill or training is required. Find out more


Window styles and door styles – In typical aluminum window and door system in New Zealand, choices of window and door styles are limited.


Most kiwis have not even heard of tilt and turn window or tilt and sliding door. In Homerit we have more to offer.


You can click here for details about Homerit window styles or click here for details about Homerit door styles.


Design options – Each type of Homerit Premium Series and Lifestyle Series windows and doors provide design options to suit your own project. Find out more


Glass options – Clear float glass is very basic for your windows and doors. There are many other options from safety to privacy, from UV reduction to noise reduction, from high energy efficiency to colonial bars inside double glazing. Find out more


Hardware – With multiple points locking hardware system Homerit PVC-U windows and doors are well sealed against weather and intrusion.


For doors there are different locking options available for security and convenience. Find out more


Ventilators – Window ventilation systems from Siegenia ( www.siegenia.com ) brings fresh-air into domestic and commercial properties. Ventilation units for fitting into windows provide a suitable solution for any requirement – and combines efficient technology with a pleasing appearance. Find out more