Maintenance guide

Impurities, which occur during window manufacturing, for example, grease off the fittings or manufacturing marks (ballpoint pen, pencil), may be removed with non-abrasive household solutions such as “JIF”.

Avoid the use of felt tip pens. These leave obstinate marks which are very difficult to remove.

Static electricity developed during polishing and buffing is best removed with soapy water. The residual film of soap prevents further build-up of static electricity.

The PVC-U frame may also be cleaned with mild solvents. If this method is contemplated, manufacturer should be consulted with regard to which solvents are suitable cleaning agents.

For cleaning different dirt click Cleaning of PVC-U Windows.

Use of cleaning benzene, flux oil, acetic polish remover or similar agents can destroy the surface of the profiles. Click Anti-corrosion Property of PVC for more details.

The drain slots should be checked from time to time. Only dirt-free drain channels are effective in efficiently draining away excess water.

Moving parts should be oiled at least once a year. Greasing and oiling keeps the function of the fittings in order.

For hardware maintenance click Siegenia Maintenance Instructions.

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