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BRANZ appraised


The primary focus of our activities is meeting our customers’ needs. Due to different weather conditions, performance standards, style options and building structures European PVC-U window systems may not work in New Zealand. The most important and most difficult things are:

  • Durability – New Zealand has high UV light comparing with most places in Europe. Low quality, low UV stable PVC-U profiles may discolor and become brittle in several years’ time.
  • Performance – While New Zealand window performance standard is not higher than Europe, Kiwis build houses in big sections with big size windows and doors which means big challenges to meet performance requirements.
  • Water-tightness – We all know leaky building problems. Houses in Europe are constructed differently. It is very difficult to install typical European PVC-U windows and/or doors into timber structured buildings in New Zealand to achieve water-tightness in a cost effective way.

Homerit takes these seriously.  In Oct 2004 Homerit started to work with BRANZ ( www.branz.co.nz ) to address all these and other relevant issues and found solutions.


After more than two year long process, Homerit Premium Series PVC-U windows and doors were appraised by BRANZ in Feb 2007. Click here for a full copy of BRANZ appraisal certificate.


Homerit Premium Series PVC-U windows and doors were appraised for use in both residential and commercial buildings situated in wind zones up to and including “very high”. This is a satisfactory achievement. Other businesses could not even to get through for meeting “Medium” or “High” wind zone requirements.


Homerit Premium Series PVC-U windows and doors system is the only BRANZ appraised PVC-U window system in New Zealand. Several other PVC-U window businesses tried BRANZ appraial but none of them has passed.