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Tilt and turn window


Tilt and turn windows combine functionality with security. With multi-point locking mechanism all functions are one-handed, one move operated.



Tilted inwards on top for optimal, draft-free ventilation. This opening position is still secured against intruders. You can leave the windows tilted even in the rain. The outside air is channelled through the sides of the windows, while hotter air escapes through the top. This process allows efficient air circulation without the draft.


Tilt & turn window in tilted position

Turn completely open for easy cleaning. By swing the window inward into the room, a homeowner can easily and safely clean both glass surfaces.


Tilt & turn window in turn position

Following diagram shows a sophisticated Siegenia multi point locking hardware for tilt and turn windows. Both Homerit Premium Series and Lifestyle Series tilt and turn windows are fitted with Siegenia ( www.siegenia.com ) or Roto ( www.roto.de ) hardware.



Tilt & turn window hardware

Tilt and turn hardware is designed to take the weight of double or triple glazing and is three dimensionally adjustable. It guarantees the water and air tightness of the window. It also enhances security.


King Square apartments in Auckland

Tilt & turn windows made of VEKA ( www.veka.com ) profile & Siegenia ( www.siegenia.com ) hardware were tested to ultimate wind load of 2500pa which is equivalent to wind speed of 225km per hour. Water tightness test achieved at 700pa which equivalent to wind speed of 120km per hour.